Screening & Policies

 Please take a moment to thoroughly read through the information below and familiarize yourself with my requirements and procedures.  Courtesy and good etiquette go a very long way with me!



Screening is mandatory for all new friends, and is important for not only my safety and that of other providers, but also for yours! Your security and desire for discretion are as important to me as my own, and you can rest assured that screening is a practice designed for us both to establish a bond of mutual confidence that is critical for overcoming the unease of meeting with someone new, no matter the circumstance.

I have two methods for completing the screening process:

1. Please provide the website or contact information for two provider references you’ve met with in the past six months. 

2. If you don’t have references available, please provide me with your full name, LinkedIn profile or work contact and a photo of your government ID. Anything you share is for screening and verification purposes only and will be kept strictly confidential.

If it is our first time meeting, please keep in mind that the screening process takes time – I won’t be able to make a same-day appointment.


All appointments require a discretionary deposit of 20% of the booking total, payable in Bitcoin or Amazon e-gift card. 

Alternate payment methods may be arranged with established friends. If we have had the opportunity to build rapport, please inquire.


Your donation should be placed in a plain white envelope and provided within 5 minutes of the beginning of our time together. If we are in public, there is no need to mention the envelope – simply provide it discreetly in a gift bag or inside a card. In private, leave it in plain sight where I may collect it before we begin, or simply hand it to me! No need to be shy. 


If you cancel less than 24 hours before our date, I require a cancellation fee of 100% of the booking total in order for you to remain in good standing with me. 

If you must cancel less than 48 hours before our date, you are welcome to apply your deposit to a rebooking of the same date within 10 days.